Construction / Put-Back Services

Construction and Put-Back Services In Frisco, Texas

construction and putback services in Frisco

The full range of construction services you may need to complete your home construction project is available from us if your property has been damaged or if you just want to remodel.

Whether you need residential construction or water damage restoration, AquaTex Water Damage Restoration is your one-stop shop. When you need to restore your home, the last thing you want to worry about is contacting and managing multiple repair crews, which can be disorganized, expensive, and time-consuming. The entire project will be handled by our highly trained professionals with just one phone call.

To construct your home, we offer a full range of services. Estimation, inspection, mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction are all included in this service. Our proprietary, EPA-registered products also provide dust control and protection against COVID-19 and other contaminants.

In addition to our experience and competence, we strive to deliver quality workmanship, so your home will once again feel like home. As part of the restoration process, we will work with your insurance company to make your home look like it was never damaged.

Why Choose AquaTex Water Damage Restoration for Home Restoration?

  • Single Contact: In order for a home restoration project to be successful, communication is essential. Our goal is to be your advocate throughout the entire process, so you can focus on other aspects of your life.
  • Expedited Restoration Process: By coordinating our construction work at the same time as we mitigate, we are able to complete the construction work in your home much faster.
  • Quality Workmanship: Nothing to worry about! Because we are passionate about producing quality workmanship with attention to every detail, you can be confident in the results we will deliver.
  • AquaTex Water Damage Restoration’s Clean Build Technology: A system that protects your home and you at the same time. To control dust, viral pathogens (including COVID-19) and other contaminants, we use EPA-registered products.
  • On-Time & On-Budget: We understand the value of your time and money. With the help of our professional construction service providers, we will restore your home to its pre-damaged condition in a manner that minimizes interruption to your daily life.

Easier Insurance Claims Process: Whether you need assistance with insurance claims or paperwork coordination, AquaTex Water Damage Restoration can help.

Trust AquaTex Water Damage Restoration for Commercial Construction Projects

In order to minimize downtime to your daily business functions, you should handle construction repairs to your facility as quickly as possible. You can get a team of construction repair professionals on board with AquaTex Water Damage Restoration.